The Portland community sought a place to discuss food-related issues and work together to enhance our Portland food system and communication throughout the city. After four years of work through the 2012 Mayor’s Initiative for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System, the Initiative morphed into the Portland Food Council (PFC). We are an independent entity collaborating with Portland City Government’s ongoing efforts to improve Portland’s food economy.  The PFC works to shape food policy to create resilience, sustainability, and vibrancy in the food system that supports Portland, Maine.


ANYONE can join as an Associate Member to get involved. The Portland Food Council has 15 Board Members, or voting members, and a plethora of non-voting ex officio members, who come from and represent the Portland community. All members are able to vote at an annual meeting on candidates for open Board Member seats.


The Portland Food Council, through its Board, drafts a triennial strategic plan. The plan focuses on growing a thriving food economy, ensuring a healthy environment, reducing food insecurity, boosting the community’s ability to produce its own food, sourcing more Maine food in schools and institutions, helping create thriving fisheries, and fostering sustainable and vibrant aquaculture.


The strategic plan establishes goals, objectives, and measurement and evaluation criteria. The Portland Food Council reviews the plan annually, and the Board prepares an annual report for the Portland City Council about Food Council progress.