To foster a healthy community by advancing the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the food system that supports Portland.



The Portland Food Council is a values-based and values-driven council. It is committed to:

  1. Justice and fairness
  2. Healthy communities
  3. Vibrant and healthy farms, gardens, and fisheries
  4. Economic, environmental, and social sustainability
  5. Thriving economies
  6. Open and transparent communication and collaboration
  7. Community engagement



  • Acts as the place to work on the community’s questions and concerns about Portland’s food system, and serves as the community’s connection to city government.
  • Brings the community, Portland government, and food producers and businesses together to collaborate on issues—primarily laws and policies—affecting Portland’s food system.
  • Recommends laws, policies, and practices to improve the economic, environmental, and social sustainability, resilience, and vibrancy of Portland’s food system. Primary focus areas include achieving:
    • Socially just and environmentally and economically sustainable practices in all parts of the food system that supports Portland.
    • Reduction in food insecurity, cultivation of greater community resilience and food literacy, and healthy food access, including greater consumption of fruits and vegetables.
    • Thriving food economies, including sustainable food-sector businesses and quality jobs.
    • Sourcing of more Maine products in institutions and the private sector, and exporting of more Maine products.
    • Productive, sustainable, and resilient farms, gardens, fisheries, and aquaculture